Display Social Network Model Via CSV Upload


Upload CSV with the exact columns and formatting type in excel as shown in the table below.

Note: "Completed At" column is similar to 'orders_export.csv' where dates are in this format: "2020-01-01 20:46:10 +0800". However, this web app only uses the first 10 characters, so as long as the dates are in the "YYYY-MM-DD" format, it is fine. The web application will convert the string parsed into a datetime object inside the database.

First and Last name belongs to the Referrer and Friend's first and last name belongs to the Receiver/ User of the referral code.

Columns Example Excel Formatting Type Python Data Type Blanks Allowed ?
First Name A General String Yes
Last Name Wong General String Yes
Email awong@aw.com General String Yes
Friend First Name B General String Yes
Last Name Tan General String Yes
Friend Email btan@bt.com General String Yes
Completed At 2020-01-01 20:46:10 +0800 General String Yes, but will be replaced with python datetime.now()
State Completed General String Yes
Total Amount Spent 88 General String Yes, but will be replaced with "0.00"

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